yu ♥ craig laurence interview!!!

yu&craig were in show window and talked about his collection a bit...
yu: well...why do you use abnormal material?
craig: knitwear has more possibility to feature interesting fabrics
or materials than normal fashion design and can push boundary. i love
y: you've been using plastic tapes since beginning, haven't you? it
seems like your signature now. but why do you use them?
c: yes...they are! well...i like that it makes certain volume and
airy movement.
y; it seems you've been making very dramatic garments and quite hard
to wear except special occasion...are you interested in making
wearable clothes at all?
c: actually in my new collection, i designed lots of separates. so
people can actually wear them more often. also my design for "machine
a" is totally wearable!
y: why did you design special pieces for them?
c: it is the first stockiest in london and i wanted to something
special. my mainline is available as made-to-order. of course it is
great to have show pieces but there must be some affordable and
wearable clothes on shop floor.
y: yes! they do look wearable but material looks still special.
c: this simple mini collection is made with very beautiful japanese
thread called "kyototex" which i found at trade show in florence.
y: thanx, craig!!!