yu ♥ yu's lost bday...so sad!!!

oh no!!! so sad...yu's all bday photos have gone...cos of technical
problem...so devastating...
by the way...23rd was "bday dinner". yu's actual birthday is on 24th!
anyway...because of no photos...yu's drawn an illustration!!
yu took 3 hours to choose his out fit in the morning...after trying
on all his wardrobe yu ended up quite casual. j.w.anderson sweat,
jeans and repetto michael with marni detachable bows. but yu couldn't
finish his bday outfit normal...there was louise gray fury coat!!!
also yu's bday crown made yu felt ready to go out!
miserably single, not really, yu masui didn't have any plan for his
bday evening...very kind "single" asako, galleriere, joined yu for
dinner at the usual restaurant..."hix"! started with their favourite
"welsh rabbit fondue" followed by amazing "pork chop" and gamy
"partridge"!! so yummy...now time for desserts!
yu&asako decided to go to gelato! but..."scoop" was closed then next
stop "gelupo"...and it was closing...however staff found hopeless
yu&asako then let them in...thank you! and yu'd got extra scoop cos
yu told staff it's his bday, so kind of him!
anyway, yu&asako had giantic gelatos on their way back to work...but
outside was bloody freezing...yu&asako was totally frosted...