yu ♥ brunch at hawksmoor!!!

yu had xmas brunch with 2 of colleagues, kishi and tomoyo, also
tomoyo's sister from japan joined as well. they were at steak
specialist "hawksmoor" in spitalfields for sunday roast as they
wanted to treat tomoyo's sis with taste of britain! obviously only
roast beef was available...steak specialist you see. however,
yu&fellowship had to wait for roasty stated to be served for half
hour cos only available from 12pm. so they decided to order
"hawksmoor breakfast" which was extra meety luxe full english till
roasty. £30 for 2 person sounds quite expensive but comparing with
quality and amount of food, they are super valuable! however all 4 of
them feel pretty stuffed after finishing breakfast for 2...time for
roasty! beautifully cooked rump was very tender with beautiful vege
and yorkshire pudding. restaurant kindly provided 2 more yorkies as
they were sharing 2 portion among 4. but it is hard to imagine each
person finishing 1 portion...massive!