yu ♥ princess of shoreditch...ummmm...

well...they said "it was the busiest day ever"...yu&friends arrived
at restaurant at 9:30 as it was the only available time. first they
have run out of bread...then they brought alternative ones after
starter served on the table. yu's starter "black pudding with pouched
duck egg was nice. but yu didn't really impressed with miho's game
pressing which yu was gonna order...had amazing gamey flavour but
lack of seasoning...then main arrived yu had pink roasted lamb.
beautifully cooked with perfect rare and came with nice thyme jus.
but yu wasn't so sure about other mains...roasted venison was cooked
with perfection. and it supposed to come with port and juniper
reduction...but it was served really tiny amount on the plate. it
seemed reduced too much or run out just like bread...you can enjoy
actual venison's flavour but no seasoning...by the way yu prefer
light seasoning so if yu said it is no seasoning...it is
nothing...then turkey...totally dry....they could have covered with
nice gravy but no sauce...so just very dry meat with veges...actually
andres' mushroom tart was really yummy! time for dessert. they forgot
about yu's xmas pudding...ok! yu cancelled once when they were taking
order. but yu told them he change his mind again and they answered it
back. to be fair yu's dishes weren't bad at all. however yu wasn't
impressed at all as others had dishes like that. especially yu liked
this place had nice dining experience every time yu go there. also yu
wasn't so excited when he looked at menu. cos it was almost identical
as last time yu had dinner 2 months ago... presented differently with
different part of meat so yu felt better about. however if they say
it is fine dining, they cannot be so unprofessional even busy...no
excuse...anyway, yu's choices were good!!!