yu ♥ the sportsman in whistable!!!!!

yu suddenly received text message from photographer akemi "let's go
to whistable tomorrow!"...well yu's answer was "i am coming if you
can reservation at 'the sports man' or 'wheelers'!" lucky there was a
cancellation at "the sports man"! otherwise it was totally fully
booked. yu, miho&alex joined akemi a car driven by akemi's husband
james. it took 1&half hours from london. then they finally found "the
sports man" in the middle of nowhere. a gastro pub "the sports man"
was awarded no.73 in 100 best restaurant in britain and no.1 in
gastro pub section on the sunday times. it is very hard to imagine
this ordinary pub in the middle of field is awarded so many good
critics. they do use as many local foods as possible. yu&friends were
warmly welcomed by friendly staffs. then treated with amazing
homemade breads! yu ordered "smoked wigion" for stater and others
ordered "poached rock oysters" and followed by various roasts suck as
local duck with confit, pork with apple sauce, and local lamb with
mint sauce. they couldn't resist dessert, too. apple crumble, steam
sponge, jasmin tea junket, warm choc mousse and local tart forgot its
name...anyway, brilliant foodie experience!!! decent position with
fresh local ingredients! it is somewhere yu wants to come back again
as yu visits whistable afew times of the year!!