yu ♥ milan 13a/w!!!

☆pretty comfy train journey!

☆here yu is! milan!!!

☆team cosplay arriving @ off schedule show!


☆takuro's favourite seafood canteen

☆buratta!!! yay!

☆octopus salad!


☆seafood pasta with bottarga!!!

☆home made cream caramel!!

☆bubble bath tab @ takuro's room!

☆zegna...well...let's wait pilatti for next seaon!

☆new logo of jimmy choo...

☆jimmy choo...so tacky....

☆team cosplay in milan!!!


☆cotollete alla milanese @ bagutta!!!

☆trekking boots @ saloni!!!

☆20s worker boots @ saloni!


☆bonded duffle @ burberry prosum!!!

☆series of hearts @ burberry prosum!!!

☆animal x burberry check!!!