yu ♥ hirosawa!!!!!

yu has met a few people from same city in abroad before....OMG! midori's family used to live 5 mins walk away from yu's family home!!! unbelievable! she wasn't at same school but her brother went to exactly same school as yu did. so her mum knows common people...world is so small...still can't believe it...fromleft midori's mum, midori and yu! we are all from "hirosawa" neighbourhood!!!
海外でお案じ浜松出身の人に会った事は何度かある。。。なんと!ミドリさん一家は同じ町内に住んでいた!!!マスイ家は1丁目、ミドリ家は3丁目歩いて5分のところだ。もちろん共通に知っているご近所もいる。緑さんは違う学校だったが弟はマスイと全く一緒の小中学校に通っていた。。。。それにしてもなんて狭い世の中なのか。。。we ♥ 広沢!