yu ♥ fushimi inari!!!

☆"fushimi inari" shrine is god of "business".
it's been covered with holly red!

☆this is the starting point of famous "torii" gates way.

☆there are 2 ways from middle...
now yu had to decide which way to go!

☆you have to take at least 1 shot here!
so beautiful!!!

☆everyone draw their wishes on "fox" ema as "inari" worships fox.

☆it takes 2 hours to walks thru holly mountain behind "fushimi inari" shrine!

☆red "torii" gates were placed all over mountain walkway.

☆matching red of autumnal leaves and "torii" gate  are so pretty.

☆cleanse your soul with waterfall!

☆love this fountain!!!

☆there was heavenly view of sun set once walking thru hard mountain walkway...

☆local sweets for after walking treat♥