yu ♥ biff&bil bangkok trip day1!!!

yu had to travel to thailand straight after paris fashion week as he was invited to press trip to "bangkok international fashion fair&bangkok international leather fair".

taking brand new kenzo trainers off and ready to go!
then realized seat won't become flatbed...instead it got massage!!!

dinner was almost feast!

starting with hors d'oeuvre of chicken satay...so thai♥

then massive starter!

and yu picked red curry for main.
but it was pretty mild flavoured...
yu had to ask for extra chili powder just local next to yu did!

now cheese...

then caramel dessert.

and good morning to world!
lovely fresh fruit to start with.

then pancake...like stuff...just bite for curiosity...well...

yay! landing!!!

welcome to thailand

escorted by airport staff and walking thru premium lane...ummm...vip treatment!

a few guys joined from london!
lovely dal was there too.
and really great ian from drapers

finally arriving to hotel!
this is morning view from yu's room

straight to big round bath tub to show off waxed legs

yu had been already inspired by thailand!
putting on thai kickboxing shorts from adidas x jeremy scott!

yu had got free time till rendezvous dinner.
but now time for lunch!
yu was heading to "erawan bangkok" almost opposite of his hotel.

pomme, yu's class mate from very first course he attended in london and managing successful patisserie business now, invited you to lunch @ "erawan tea room".

"erawan tea room" serves traditional thai cuisine and they are really good!

erawan tea room
494 Rajdamri Road
+66 2254 1234

time for dessert!
pomme took yu to another restaurant on basement level called "nara".
pomme knew yu  ice cream and ordered coconuts ice cream with assort of toppings!!!
so yum

lower ground floor
erawa bangkok,
+662 250 7707-8

a bit of window, aka research, shopping after lunch as erawan shopping mall has lots of luxe brand such as lanvin, stella...etc runs by "club 21".

moved on to "central world" shopping mall opposite for more shop research.
some thai brands like "disaya" have store there

central world 

yu got changed to attend dinner!
light weight&bright coloured "formal" look with lanvin
by the way, "fashion tv" franchise name as high street brand!!!
did you know that?!

dinner was hosted @ asian fusion restaurant in "zen" department store.