yu ♥ biff&bil bangkok trip day2!!!

biff&bil is the biggest fashion trade show in asean.

impac is the one of the largest hall in bangkok!

over 80 press&buyers were invited from all over the world!!!
yu's never seen as large press trip as this before!

event was opened by trade minister.
this really is national trade event!

followed by thai designer's special fashion show.

here is the best part of the trade show!
designers' hall was featuring from established local designers to emerging talents.

"theatre" loves its dramatic design.

cute sailor hats @ theatre.

"painkiller" is family label of a designer sister, an illustrator brother and another architect brother.

prints are drawn by illustrator brother.

unique animal prints @ painkiller♥

"kloset" is one of the established label in bangkok.

dress @ kloset.


lunch break @ special buffet.
even buffet tasted good...♥

"greyhound" is the most successful thai brand right now!

men's cut out shoes @ greyhound♥

greyhound's second line of "playhound"!

"disaya" must be the most well-known thai brand.

floral print shirt with flower applique @ disaya♥

lacy dress @ disaya.

everyone must know "ek thongprasert" with rubber necklace which was stocked @ many concept stores!

harper's editor in chief is behind bag label "rouge rouge"!

bomb bag is collaboration with "corto moltedo"

"iames" uses traditional thai fabrics for detailing.

"maibe" is young label from thai stylist!

"s twenty-6" has ncie feminine touch on tailoring based menswear♥

nostalgia @ "rotsaniyom"♥

trend focused mens casual brand "que"!

"g.l.a.m"...there is glamour conscious new designer too.

eco designer "dusk till dawn".

with pomme's friend mark the local fashionista♥

day 1 of bangkok elle fashion week was took place @ the bangkok's iconic film theatre "scala".

with cool girls♥
misha janette from tokyo & sonja of alter in shanghai!!!

yum yum!
ice cream♥

the first show yu attended was "greyhound"!

greyhound twins?!

dinner @ jim thompson's house!
welcomed by traditional dance.

tasteful interior.

more buffet♥

fresh fruits...yu's never thought about eating mango&sticky rice together...
actually really good!!!