yu ♥ back to blog!!!

 yu masui would like to announce yu is back to his "yu..." blog!!!
yu's life has been pretty messed up since becoming freelance. been really busy and that is amazing for freelance. but yu has to stay at home more and day'n'night has been mixed up cos of time difference. it's nature of working with japanese publications from london. 
however yu thinks it is time to adjust and sort out life style and life itself. yu believes restarting blog properly will help. oh, got hair cut done too!!
anyway, just sorted out taiwan trip which was in january and had been stopped for a month or longer...unfortunately yu has to skip great experience at all fashion weeks like paris mens, haute couture, london and paris women's...also amazing food yu had in last a few months...so sad...so many things yu wants to talk about...
anyway, here yu go