yu ♥ le severo!!!

yu finally had dinner at "le severo" paris bistro famous for quality meat and loved by chefs from michelin starred restaurants. sister couple of yu's best foody friend asako mahara ,who owns "gallery eclectic" on marylebone high street, invited you to amazing experience. yu is actually come to paris to choose groom's outfit as couple is getting married next month. asako joined from london and feast was starting!!!

マスイのスターターはおすすすめの『boudin noir de christian PARRA』。簡単に言えばブラックプディングです。限定数しか生産していない知る人ぞ知る専門店のものだとか。。。とても濃厚〜!
yu picked "boudin de christian PARRA" as starter. it is from famous producer only makes limited number for restaurants they likes. it was like black pudding but full of flavour!

メインはもちろん『côte de bœuf』なり!2人前を新郎風とシェアです。お肉は3月20日から熟成させたもの。という事は、57日間(よく数えたな〜)!!!すばらしいフレーバーが噛めば噛むほど広がります。これぞ赤肉の極地!霜降りばかり食べていて赤肉の良さを知らぬ者は真の肉通とは言えません。朝ちゃんの妹のタルタルも最高!
main had to be "côte de bœuf"!!! yu shared with new groomas it's for 2persons. this meat had been matured since 20th march...that means...57days! steak had so much flavour. actually asako's faux steak was even better. and so was asako's sis' tartare steak...yu had heavenly time...

dessert was "creme caramel" as usual♥

le severo
8 Rue Plantes  
75014 Paris
01 45 40 40 91