Yu ♥ bangladish sweet shop!

Yu ♥ needoo!

Yu ♥ spring!

London is bloody freezing but yu put all wniter wardrobe away. Yu is
so cold in lanvin spring coat...


Yu ♥ hair cut?

Getting definitely long now! Need to get hair cut done soon!!


Yu ♥ haggis!!!

For main yu&miho had Italian recipe&smoked toulouse sausage acompanied
with haggis. As starter was big, half sausage each...and it was very
first time for yu to eat haggis...yu loves it lots! Also it perfectly
went with roasted chestnuts chatney!!

Yu ♥ foie gras!!!

Foie gras terrine, Asako bought from Paris as souvenier, was just
beautiful!! Apparently that terrine was from one of the best foie gras
place in Paris meat market!

Yu ♥ fancy dinner at home!

Yu&miho had a fancy dinner! Starting with a big chunk of foie gras
terrine, Italian peppery salami and saint agur.

yu ♥ sunglass with sunvisor!

sunglass with sunvisor costed yu only £2...you know where this is from...primark!!


yu ♥ messy hair!

yu's got trendy messy hair...he just forgot to bring his comb...


Yu ♥ bruise?

Yu's got bruise on his face! Fell on the street and punched himself
coz of sleepy surface...got cut in mouth as well...


Yu ♥ baklava!!

Yu found choco baklava!! Yummy!

Yu ♥ Turkish take away!!!

Yu&miho got Turkish take away from yu's favourite restaurant mangal 2!

Yu ♥ Turkish icecream!!

Yu had rose flavoured Turkish icecream as the first dish of turkish
feast! Only '1 for massive portion!!

Yu ♥ mid season sale!

Yu is at gap! Plain t-shirts r only '3.99!! And this is how yu dresses
for highstreet shopping!!!


Yu ♥ bedtime!!

Lazy day...didn't really dressed...

Yu ♥ pringles!

Yu was out of control...finished whole packege of wasabi flavoured
pringles...now yu wants steak or burger...


yu ♥ yang du!

more wearable and so cute!!!


yu ♥ wah nails!!!

after mandi's yu&mina popped in I pr's press day. as they represent jas.m.b yu was looking for ellen. then yu met "wafh nail"! i pr invited one of nailist and serviced free nails. obviously, ellen was middle of treatment...so that's where yu's got chanel nail done on one finger. yu was nail virgin...wah nails does have interesting varieties of nails. they have shop on kingsland road, dalston but also branch in topshop, the one on b1 is nails inc...wah is on b2!! don't mix up!, opened during LFD...beside yu's treatment, yu's boss mina was trying free massage!!
マンディの後、マスイとボスのミナさんはIprのプレスデーに向かった。ジャス.m.bのプレスなのでとりあえずエレンを探す。そしてマスイは『WAH nails』と出会った。。。Iprはネイリストを1人呼び寄せ、来場者にネイルをサービス。もちろん、エレンはトリートメントの真っ最中。。。そこでマスイはあのシャネルネールを施してもらう。ちなみにマスイはネールヴァージン。。。wahは面白いセレクションのネールを行う。ダルストンのキングスランドロード沿いに店舗を持つが、LFW中にトップショップに出店。ちなみに地下1階はnails inc,でwahは地下2階にあるので、お間違いなく。。。ソノ隣りではミナさんがフリーマッサージを体験!


yu ♥ viv's baby melissa!

melissaXvivienne westwood collaboration launched baby jelly shoes! coming in size 4-9. so cute!!


yu ♥ mandi's nail!

mandi's nike nail from "wah nails" in dalston is great!!
マンディのナイキネールはダルストンにある『WAH nails』で。。。かわいい!


yu ♥ mandi!!

mandi's basement was covered with japanese and pop candies at press day of mandi lennards publicity!!


Yu ♥ carrot&caramek puding at lanka!!