yu ♥ scratched asako's figaro!

oh no!!! someone made scratch on asako's figaro...by the way london is still cold...


yu ♥ hache!

supposed to be the best burger in london. yu's first meal back in london was burger at hache! well...pretty average...one good thing is they've got kumi's photos.



yu ♥ kolor 12s/s!!

yu ♥ kolor on murakami-kun!

fashion news chief editor murakami-kun is selecting his po!

yu ♥ 08circus 12s/s!

yu ♥ street harp guy!


yu ♥ cafe des musees!!

lunch @ cafe des musees with mr. tanaka during exhibition research!

yu ♥ kris van assche sunglass!

yu ♥ cous cous royale!!!

quick cous cous royale in etienne marce before writing article!

yu ♥ acne 12s/s after drink!!!

omg!!! yu found tiffany!

yu ♥ acne 12s/s!!!

yu ♥ j.w.anderson cotroversy...

it is not j.w.anderson...it is vintage...is it exactly same?

yu ♥ thom browne 12s/s?

lamp shade...well it gets kinda boring after while...