Yu ♥ short hair!!!

Really tiny thing like getting hair cut done makes you really happy...as much as shopping @ Prada and dinner @ exclusive restaurants...

Yu ♥ royal wedding street party on Leonard St!

Full of Shoreditch kids!

Yu ♥ royal wedding dim sum!

Well...closest decent lunch was dim sum @ leong's legend!

Yu ♥ balcony appearance...

Oh no! Yu missed royal appearance on palace balcony...

Yu ♥ secret street party!!

Soho's secret tea room organized vintage themed royal wedding street party on romily street!

Yu ♥ marry me Harry!

It is the only way to be princess now!


Yu ♥ Sarah burton dress!!!

This is the hotel Kate stayed last night in victoria. By the way it was Sarah Burton!!!!

Yu ♥ royal wedding tea!!

Yu found twinings' royal wedding flavour sampling @ duke of york's square party. It's available @ waitrose only today!

Yu ♥ green abbey!!!

Omg! Abbey's been amazingly decorated with trees!!!

Yu ♥ kate's dress?

Can't see cleary!!! But she arrived at abbey.

Yu ♥ Battersea high street street party!!

Yu's at royal wedding street party @ Battersea high street!! Kate middleton just left her hotel! Can't see dress!!!!

Yu ♥ will&kate ring!!!

Yu's present for Ellen is will&kate ring!!!

Yu ♥ prince charming!!!

Yu dressed up for ellen's bday dinner @ a little of what you fancy...and dress code was a little of what you fancy...obviously Ellen needs prince charming!

Yu ♥ hang!!!

Yu found old Prada nylon jacket in his wardrobe. Hanging detail is so cool!

Yu ♥ are you ready?

Town is pretty ready for royal wedding!

Yu ♥ alex's jam!

Our master chef alex made jam from left over strawberries!

Yu ♥ bless carpet cardigan!!!

Cute but too heavy for picnic!

Yu ♥ god bless Ellen!!!

Ellen's 34 years old birthday picnic was took place in regents park. Dress code was bless as they have purchased bless x weekday collabo in Sweden...well yu can wear real one!

Yu ♥ Ellen arrested?!

Shoplifting alarm aimed upon ellen's leaving supermarket! What did you steal!!!

Yu ♥ dessert warrior!

Well... Desert worrier...

Yu ♥ burger @ duke of Wellington!!

Duke of wellington, Marylebone gastro pub well know with their Sunday roasty. Time to try their burger! Quite volume as big chunk of BBQ pork.

Yu ♥ high end high street burger!!

Yu was @ Byron, high end high street burger chain, with Asako! It was pretty good! Perfect medium rare!!

Yu ♥ stripy top @ Topshop!

Good old Balenciaga...

Yu ♥ 90s @ westfield!

Yu is really into 90s at the moment...

Yu ♥ 90s @ westfield!

Yu is really into 90s at the moment.

Yu ♥ new cake @ Lanka!!

Summery cake is available @ Lanka! Orange tart...yummy!!!

yu ♥ doors showcase!!

jas.m.b is back!!! new shop "doors showcase" opened on rivington street in shoreditch.

Yu ♥ slutty Ellen is back!!!

Ellen showed off her leg @ Jas.m.b shop opening party! Everyone thought hem of her skirt had tucked in her knickers accidentally after toilet...well apparently it's margiela...

Yu ♥ after cheese naughty gelato!!

Still eating! Yu have ate in take away size box of gelato @ dri dri!!

Yu ♥ cheesy night with marylebone locals!!

Yu joined marylebone high street local, denis morris&wife Isabella, beauty guru eve lom and Asako @ chelsea cheese restaurant "l'art du fromage"!

Yu ♥ yu & the chocolate factory!!

Willie wanker...