Yu ♥ hanjuku castella!

Hanjuku, half baked, castella tastes not bad but not so special.
Interesting texture thou.

Yu ♥ hearts shorts!

Yu ♥ gransta!

"gransta" food hall in Tokyo station is amazing! From the latest
sweets to luxe chocolatier, from bento box to special take away meal,
you can buy anything there. Yu took spare an hour to walk around
gransta before taking express train back to home town. After eating
icecream from Pierre marcolini yu qued up for the latest popular
sweets "half baked castella sponge cake"! Finally yu's got 1 after
half hour wait!!


Yu ♥ haagen-dazs!

Yu's been greedy...yu had 3 cups of mini haagen-dazs at 3:30am!!
Anyway photo look funny under pink lights...

Yu ♥ liver sashimi!

Yu ♥ meat sashimi!

Yu ♥ champion!

BBQ restaurant "champion" in ebisu is so special! Tonight's dinner is
at new brunch "penthouse" in ebisu. Beautiful marble meat...so

Yu ♥ tsukikageya!

New prints have arrived!

Yu ♥ pearl!

Mihara yasuhiro jewellery collaboration with Husam and tasaki pearl is
so cute!

Yu ♥ idea by sosu!

Idea is the salin style sppointment only select boutique by sosu!

Yu ♥ yayako!

Azusa's kid yayako will be defo fashion bitch!

Yu ♥ feathery running shorts!

Pink framingo running shirts!

Yu ♥ kua aina!

Yummy hawaiian burger!!

Yu ♥ dojima cream caramel!


Yu ♥ dead or meat!

Yu was in his way to Tokyo for "dead or meat" dinner! 4 is as same
sound as death and 29 is meat in Japanese. Yu&meat loving friend
tukageys organized BBQ dinner!