Yu ♥ sporty!

Pfs drugged u into sporty look!

Yu ♥ good-bye Busuyama...

Last day at the office...

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-27 charles@backstage!

great show, charles!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-26 roisin murphy@charles anastase!!!

roisin looked amazing in her john rocha dress!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-25 alexa chung@charles anastase!!

alexa's first appearance for lfw this season!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-26 front row@charles anasatase!

nicola roberts looked like vampire...

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-24 tennessee@charles anastase!

tennessee's second outfit today!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-23 goth queen of dalston!!!

tiffany looked even more goth and evil...

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-22 kirsty ward!!

csm graduate kirsty ward's first collection featuring chunky
jewelries and modern cut-out design!

Yu ♥ veggie life!

After a few weeks of non veggie life, yu decided to eat veggies. Innocent "veg pot" is vegan friendly micro wave dish. And yu decided to try as this range is half price at tesco!


Yu ♥ f-troupe mutton boots!!!

So comfy...

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-21 charles anastase before show!

yu found loving charles@back door for his show venue waiting for model!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-20 mawi 11s/s!!!

so gorgeous! and studs turn into modern twisted art deco feature!!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-19 mawi in iconic balenciaga dress!

so jealous...

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-18 kate@elle us!!!

nicest person in fashion!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-17 tennesse thomas!!!

tennesse, drummer of "the like" is super nice!!!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-16 unique look!!!

yu really loves his unique look!!!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-15 bip ling...

apparently she is a fashion blogger, dj, tv presenter wannabe...21yo
daughter of fashion illustrator tanya ling...

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-14 unique?

this is how you find yourself next season...exploded hair and zandra
rose esq floppy top...and singlet like super women...welcome back to

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-13 front row@unique

nicola roberts just arrived next to umber rose, ex of kanye west.

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-12 front row chat!

julia roitfeld in front of yu talking to pamela love.

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-11 liliy allen@unique!

is she a singer or just vintage shop owner now?

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-10 olivia parelmo@unique

she is wearing all from topshop!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-9 natalie@instyle!

she's got great style and personality!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-8 lunch@topshop!

finally time for champaign and light lunch!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-7 long way to topshop venue...

so long...girls were struggling walking to get their seat by their
best shoes!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-7 free buffalo milk ice cream!!!

greedy yu took 2 of them...they're free why not? they are available
@5th floor harvey nix 5th floor.

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-6 backstage@emilio de la mrena!

strong collection!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-6 cupcake@twenty8twelve!

yum yum

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-5 imogen!

imogen after twenty8twelve!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-4 front low@twenty8twelve!

jacquetta wheeler, matthew williamson and jude law!

yu ♥ lfw11s/s day2-3 pixie geldof@twenty8twelve!

she's been nice!