yu ♥ lanvin 13a/w!!!!!

☆yu masui is in paris for this moment♡
absolutely the best show in last a few years!!!

☆"you ♡" necklace, wish it says yu, and tiaras...they're all about yu masui!!!
so strong and full of confidence in each items!

yu ♥ christian wijnants 13a/w!

☆nice to see christian wijnants show!
yu masui was one of the first buyers bought his collection.

yu ♥ tea @ mariage freres!

☆yu was looking for cafe to have tea near show venue.
and what he saw on the street was mariage freres...
it was first tie in 10years yu actually walked in this place.
marco polo...♡

yu ♥ toga 13a/w!!!

☆really strong collection!!!
love all fur pieces and shoes♡

Yu ♥ shopping @ kenzo!!!

☆yu also joined shopping @ kenzo with mademoiselle yulia and tadanobu asano after lunch!
Matching shirts♥
Thank you kenzo!!!

yu ♥ kenzo lunch!!!

☆yu joined lunch with lovely ms.hirao&emma@hirao inc and head of kenzo asia...also celebrity guests♡

yu ♥ yu masui paris 13a/w day 2!!!

☆"hell's angels in romance" themed outfit converting hardness of leather riders&metal toe capped shoes and loveliness of carven floral sweat&pink sox!

yu ♥ h&m 13a/w show&party!!

☆yu had to change train ticket to attend this show...
first ever h&m show in paris!!!
they created "chateau" in the back yard of rodin museum where couture maison like dior often hosts shows.

☆guests were escorted to different rooms in tent.
each room has different theme such as dining room, bathroom...etc.
yu's favourite was obviously kid's room♡
this is the room which yu always dreams of!

let's not talk about it...
liked some tailored pieces thou.

 ☆continued to party straight away after the show thru the venue and dance floor behind!

☆pretty good catering!
especially parfait bar♡
yu couldn't move in front of it for ages...

yu ♥ a.p.c 13a/w!

☆new yorker in paris @ a.p.c!

yu ♥ damir doma 13a/w!

☆damir's grown up looks!

yu ♥ yu masui paris 13a/w day1!!!

☆weather is still cold but yu couldn't resist to wear j.w.anderson cthru number matched with mawi's beautiful necklace♡

yu ♥ the hinds head!!

 ☆yu is @ the hinds head in bray!
1 michelin starred pub owned by heston blumenthal serves gastromic dishes.
yu is trying their signature of oxtail and kidney pudding,

☆and "wassailing" caramelised butter loaf with apple&pomona.
well...no need to try challenging desserts there...

the hinds head
High St  Bray
West Berkshire 
+44 1628 626151

yu ♥ cabinet x british alpaca!

☆cabinet is working with british alpaca!
there are alpaca farm exist in uk and some eco designers have started to use them.