yu ♥ new year count down?

most of restaurants were booked out in town for slightly over priced fancy NYE dinners. apparently, they are fun for those privileged in town. so mina&yuki and yu ended up "curry leaf" restaurant in hilton. food was as same as usual but a bit of entertainment such as traditional sri lankan dance, bollywood style fancy dance and mysterious mexican band...then all foreigners were expecting count down but everyone had to welcome new year without knowing. then realized by fire works from other party...very exiting...after kind of new year ceremony, new year special food were served...and that was about it...a happy new year!!!
街中のいいレストランは既にちょっと高い大晦日ディナーの予約でいっぱい。エリアの金持ちのステータスらしい。というわけで、すでに馴染みのヒルトン内『カリーリーフ』で大晦日ディナーをとることに。いつもと同じメニュー、もちろん御値段はちょい増し。その代わりにエンターテイメントがついてきた。トラディショナルなスリランカダンスにボリウッドスタイルダンス、そしてなんだか分からないスリランカ人のメキシカンバンド。。。外国人はニューイヤーカウントダウンを期待していたにもかかわらず。。。無音。違うパーティーの花火で新年を気付かされる始末。。。ちょっとした新年イベントに新年料理を頂きながら、しめやかに2011年を迎えさせていただきました。「明けましておめでとうございます!YU ♥ 2011!!!」


yu ♥ dressing for nye dinner!!!

time for nye dinner! as many restaurants were booked out, mina, yuki and yu decided to eat at curry leaf sri lankan restaurant at hilton. mina dressed in hussein chalayan and yu in lanvin h&m dress yu cropped to top. yu really hoped he had brought more shoes...

yu ♥ japanese nye in sri lanka!

yu realized it was almost new year in japan! then turned on tv in hotel room as they showed national channel "nhk". yes! "kohaku music festival" annual nye music tv programme was on! nice to have a bit of japanese nye feeling!!!

yu ♥ silver tips white tea!!!

"silver tips" is one of the most luxe tea leaves. best leaves are carefully picked and dried naturally. they are the most naturally produced tea. and only been produced 50grms a day! very interesting taste.

yu ♥ tea factory explorer!



yu ♥ tea factory!!!

midori organized amazing visit to "expolanka tea" factory. factory served special lunch for mina, yuki, midori and yu before looking around.
a party were really impressed with skilled factory workers! especially guys who pack tea in delivery boxes...they only take 30 secs for each boxes!!!