yu ♥ chilling out on eurostar!

chilling out with eurostar meal...paris done!

yu ♥ sophie hulme on the wheel!!!

finally!!! globe trotter x sophie hulme has got wheels♡

yu ♥ bobby abbley for lulu&co!!

bobby abbley joined lulu&co for his first women"s wear.

yu ♥ hermionie de paula 13a/w!

hermionie de paula's music inspired floral.

yu ♥ dion lee 13a/w!

dion lee skipped london but he will be back next season.

yu ♥ cafe by agnes b!!!

last lunch @ cafe near agnies b office as usual! 

this is it♡

yu ♥ j.w.anderson 13a/w @ showroom!!

j.w.anderson has more than he can offer on the catwalk! commercial lines are pretty cool too!♡

yu ♥ peter pilotto 13a/w @ showroom!!

3d designed prints on constructed garment by peter pilotto.

collaboration with saga fur continues

yu ♥ piers atkinson's jurassic park!!!

jurassic spectacular cap by piers atkinson♡♡♡

yu ♥ yu & yulia!

yulia & yu masui outside of kenzo show♡

yu ♥ kenzo 13a/w!!

the pineal eye @ kenzo!!!

yu ♥ yu masui paris 13a/w day5!!!

paris fashion week day 5
"jurassic park"
featuring kenzo 13s/s and piers atkinson 13a/w!!!
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yu ♥ mademoiselle yulia in kenzo!!!

stylishly dressed in kenzo leopard!!! mademoiselle yulia♡

yu ♥ flee market breakfast!

yu joined american journalist lynn yeager's seasonal sunday market breakfast. quick look around before kenzo show!

yu ♥ dinner @ le chiberta!!!

dinner with boss takuro&lanvin japan pr madame ohara. 
2 michelin starred chef guy savoy's second line restaurant. 
but this fashionable brasserie is also awarded. 
tasting menu offers beautifully presented modern cuisine.

yu ♥ thomsen 13a/w!

newly decolating design hotel became "a wedding night" story by ....some part was pretty trashy...

yu ♥ comme des garcons 13a/w!!

comme des garcons explored new way of tailoring and mens on women's body!

yu ♥ azumi&david 13a/w!

a&d's signature "shoe bag" has been featuring iconic bags for a few season.
this robot face is quite familiar...

yu ♥ acne 13a/w!!!

acne's first ever paris show!!! oversized bonded leather jacket♡♡♡

yu ♥ yu masui paris 13a/w day4!!!

paris fashion week day 4
"respect and love"
yu paid respect to acne ,which showed their first paris show, with full acne look!
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yu ♥ viktor&rolf 13a/w!!

yu is totally in ♡ with V&R's cut-off'n'decoed white shirt numbers!!!

yu ♥ usual lunch in paris!

lunch time!!! our favourite gingham check lunch place near colette♡

yu ♥ tsumori chisato 13a/w!!!

cheerful and colourful as usual! tsumori chisato's arty collection♡

yu ♥ the east india company 13a/w!

the east india company?! and yes...they created red carpet dress line inspired from original company's history of trades!

yu ♥ alessandra rich 13a/w!!

beautiful alessander rich's demi couture♡

yu ♥ issa arfen 13a/w!!

fake denim setup...actually woven wool!!!

yu ♥ junya watanabe 13a/w!!

junya watanabe featured his signature of biker look.

check tweed fabrics are transferred into "loewe" collabo bags♡

yu ♥ london showroom paris 13a/w!!!

more women's @ nasir mazhar

emerging talent ashley williams' elvis trousers

vintage looking materials form childhood dolly bags

more unisex caps @ piers atkinson!

bonded front panel jumper of sibling

zebra pony skin?!
marques' almaida brought us back to middle of 90s

artisan leather bags of claire barrow!

holly fulton's hand crafted graphic feather shirt

knitted fox fur jumper by lucas nacsimneto

spiky dominic jones'

lovely ballerina prints of meadham kirchhoff

meadham added kinky tuch with latex bloomer!


goth cards' chic by KTZ

christopher raeburn created more accessories. cute little animal bag♡

ryan lo's colourful girly world

palmer//harding has expanded their shirts based collection into simple coordinating items!

yu ♥ a.f.vandervost...

as dark as usual...

yu ♥ charlotte olympia 13a/w!!!

little red hood, snow white...charlotte olympia brought fairy tail story in real life...even on shoes!!!

iconic kitten is coming in boots

antique book clutches!