yu ♥ turkish delight!

☆treats for last day!

yu ♥ women's bespoke @ selfridges!

☆selfridges has launched its women's bespoke service!

yu ♥ ♥ crush!!!

☆yu ♡ ♡ crush bag♡

yu ♥ burberry prosum 13a/w re-see!!

☆burberry prosum re-see!
latex, metal, cotton...very challenging combination!!!

yu ♥ yang du 13a/w!

☆new yang du shark bag♡

yu ♥ LFW snap 18!

☆LFW snap 18

yu ♥ tata naka 13a/w!

☆team tata naka

yu ♥ mr. start women's 13a/w!

☆mr start has launched women's line.

yu ♥ e.tautz women's 13a/w!

☆e.tautz women's wear has been successful


yu ♥ husam el odeh 13a/w!!

☆universe inspired collection!
ear pieces are so cute!!!

yu ♥ scandinavia showcase!

☆scandinavia designers showcased collection @ somerset house!
a few familiar names as he just attended copenhagen fashion week!!

yu ♥ ashish 13a/w!!!

☆ashish's construction worker chic♡

yu ♥ LFW snap 17!

☆LFW snap 17
women in neon simone

yu ♥ LFW snap 16!

☆LFW snap 16
women in white

yu ♥ meadham kirchhoff 13a/w!!

☆so goth-loli...house made chic and ballet prints!

yu ♥ nasir mazhar 13a/w!!

☆live performance from nasir mazhar!

yu ♥ mich dulce 13/aw!!

☆mich dulce's new crown hat!!!
it's on yu's shopping list!

yu ♥ LFW snap 15!

☆LFW snap 15
lovely katie!

yu ♥ LFW snap 14!

☆LFW snap 14

yu ♥ roksanda ilincic 13a/w!!

☆oversize coat, midi skirt, colour fur...many trends were spotted in roksanda ilincic show!


yu ♥ yu masui LFW day 5!!!

☆LFW day 5
more stories on dazed digital↓

yu ♥ LFW snap 13!

☆LFW snap 13
yu wish yu could fit into simone rocha's metallic x perspex shoes!

yu ♥ estethica x csm!

☆winner of eco competition @ central st. martins

yu ♥ anya hindmarch 13a/w!!

☆anya created gigantic domino set with pro!!!

yu ♥ simone rocha 13a/w!!

☆simone certainly has stepped up!

yu ♥ LFW snap 12!

☆LFW snap 12
this loubie shoes and unique spring coat are popular!