Yu ♥ tiffany's Halloween!!!

Omg! Even sluttier than usual!!! Moving to hong kong tiffany's last Halloween for a while outfit is slutty nun and she is wearing virgin white!

Yu ♥ slutty nun and ladyboy prostitute!

Last night in London for Tiffany...yu went to say hello in his pajama as he found she was halloween party at bar next door.

Yu ♥ Halloween!!!

Forest spirit is back!!!

Yu ♥ yu's pumpkins!!!

Yu's work of art!!!

Yu ♥ sea bass pie!!!

Lanka chef yuki made sea bass pie for his clients' dinner catering. So cute! Yu bets it taste good too!!

Yu ♥ Halloween!

Ready to go out got some sweets! "treat or death...well...trick" am so goth now...


Yu ♥ garlicy ribeye!!

Yu had a garlicy ribeye at landsdowen pub in primrose hill with boss Mina&lanka chef Yuki!

Yu ♥ forest spirit!!

Forest spirit aka homeless in hampstead Heath at yuki's cafe Lanka all day for halloween fair!

Yu ♥ what yu said!!!

"once your luxe coat get wet, it's time to go!"
well...what yu tries to say is everybody is pretty much drunk when they've started to spread drink all over. And probably good time for non alcohol drinker to leave party before get pissed off by pissed!

Yu ♥ marios schwab fur is back!!!

Everyone's favourite marios schwab electric blue fur coat is back to yu's daily wardrobe now!!!

Yu ♥ tiffany's surprise bday party!!!

After long day of work, yu carved Tiffany pumpkin for her bday present! Tiffany's surprise was organized much earlier than actual her bday as she is leaving to hong kong. It was not as crazy as her last grave yard bday. But so nice to see tif happy surrounded by close friends!


yu ♥ double meat!!

yu ♥ penelope cruz!

yu interviewed penelope cruz for japanese magazine. as she is
pregnant yu was not allow to take pix...well here is her voice
recorded for my articles!

yu ♥ hawksmoor!!!

steak house in spitalfields opened new brunch in covent garden! yu
and fellow mates had amazing chateaubriand, rib eye and burger
followed by yummy dessert!!! chateaubriand was just amazing!!!!!!


yu ♥ gap waxed jacket!!

this freebee is perfect for wet weather!!

yu ♥ hawick cashmere!

scottish heritage cashmere "hawick" has opened first london brunch on
elizabeth street in belgravia. they offer bespoke knitwear you can
choose from 49 colours and get deliver in 4-6 weeks. also cute
cashmere animals and cashmere shampoo are available. but yu thinks
family business needs consultant for branding and creative side...