yu ♥ asiana!

yu finally got to heathrow after mad day of sorting out so many stuff!! yu was totally ready to get out of freezing weather but plain was stucked for an hour cos of iced somewhere...as yu booked ticket 3days ago, "asiana" korean airline was the only available choice...however yu found out it was really good option when he got on the plane!! asiana offers larger space for economy flight. you can actually stretch your feet propery! and they serves interesting korean meals such as "bibim bab" and "stir fried chili squid with rice", "bulgogi". usually yu doesn't eat airplane mealscos yu doesn't want to put weight on from boring foods. they were flattering...yu couldn't resist...they were nice! and service is really good as well. yu'd love to use asian again!!

location: london, seoul/ロンドン、ソウル