yu ♥ shinya's sushi!!

yu had another birthday dinner last night as "hiro" murakoshi from designworks couldn't attend yu's bday dinner 2 weeks ago. hiro took yu to japanese restaurant "yumi" on off baker street where hiro's friend "shinya" works as sushi chef. hiro&yu were seated at sushi counter which was reservation essential as it is very popular. we started from sashimi&carpaccio. then assort of sushi followed one by one companied with pickled ginger. some of sushi are very lightly grilled&seasoned with sea salt and some came with jellied citrus soy sauce or sweat soy sauce. all sushi were beautifully formed and presented. and taste amazing!! after sushi course finished hiro&yu ordered "menchi katsu don" which was deep fried ibelico pork burger on top of rice. entire meal was so nice!! and in the end there was surprise bday cake!! unfortunately, "yumi" is closing next week even they are very busy&popular...however shinya&another chef are looking for new space to set up their own sushi restaurant. yu is glad they are planning to open decent place to serves beautiful japanese food!! but yu cannot forget hiro's face when he's got bill. yu is so sure it was VERY GOOD price...

location: london/ロンドン