yu ♥ dublin!

dublin is yu's favourite destination for weekend as tired of paris...it is relaxed small town with pretty features&a few nice restaurants. there are good restaurants such as richard corrigan's bently&thornton's around st steohen's green. and hight street starts from there towards river. familiar shops like topshop, riverisland and M&S are on there. also dublin's trendiest department store "thomas brown" is on same street. they have balenciaga, lanvin, stella...etc and just opened yu's favourite "la duree" on ground floor. as it was on sat beginning of xmas shopping, they had a few model walking around store with designer outfits. and models were wearing LV bunny ear-ish hair pieces. i've got "real one"!! yu continued walking down the street, then got temple bar where many restaurants&bars, pubs are located. very busy on weekend. also art galleries exist in this area. yu accidently found farmers' market ,opens on sats, on square in front of photographers' gallery. foods look good there. then yu acrossed the river. typical high street appears which is very "common". and yu masui found huge "pennys" store!! guess, this is more familiar for everyone..."primark". primark trade as pennys in ireland where they are originally from. yu checked out inside quickly and found sequin jackets kids&a few nice shoes. there are many street musician on the street. and dublin is quite fashionable. you can find many cute boys&girls. perhaps yu should do street snap next time!

location: dublin/ダブリン