yu ♥ dim sum!

when you think about sunday lunch, first thing comes up is traditional "sunday roast". yu loves sunday roast and even used to cook at home every sunday...but here is another choice. "dim sum" could be perfect sunday lunch! usually you can order dim sum till 5pm. yu had late afternoon lunch at "leong's legends" with kiyoko&miho today. yu's favourite chinese restaurant on macclesfield street, bottom of dean st, is serving taiwanese food which is rare in china town. and "xiaolongbao" soup dumpling is their speciality. chef used to work at famous xiaolongbao restaurant in taiwan. you can go to yauatcha which is a great dim sum restaurant but when you compare price and food, leong's legend does offer amazing dishes. of course, you can eat nice&reasonable dinner there. and they just changed menu on last monday.

Leong’s Legends
4 Macclesfield St
020 7287 0288

location: london/ロンドン