yu ♥ fallon&byrne!

yu had lunch in his favourite food hall in dublin. "fallon&byrne" is located posh part of dublin shopping district. ground floor is perfect food hall for food conscious crowd. they have quality foods and small goods include eco-bags. and their basement is cellar bar, 2nd floor is free space for events. yu was eating at first floor restaurant. as they sell quality ingredients, dishes are nice there. yu ordered "creamed celeriac soup with truffle sala" to start with. it was so smooth&full of truffle flavour! for main, yu had "aged Irish rib-eye steak with french fries&bearnaise sauce". irish beef is very tasty as they've got beautiful red meet flavour. then yu decided to have early xmas feeling..."xmas pudding"! xmas pudding was served with brandy anglais&fresh cream. also crunchy caramel thin between gives interesting impression. yu had great lunch there especially after starving one day trip. atmosphere of this store is really nice!! 

location: dublin/ダブリン