yu ♥ berber! morocco day4-2

yu masui&friends went for short trip to berber village&water falls 2&half hours away from marrakech. berber is the original moroccan race forced to move onto atlas mountains when arabs invaded 9th century. short trip was happened cos of kiyoko's strong wish to show us real morocco and unknown world she experienced 10 years ago. last time she traveled to morocco, she had off road 4x4 trip to top of the mountain and visited berber village which had very simple life style, no water, no gas&no electricity. we organized driver for short trip. after 1hour&half drive, driver stopped to show us berber house which located beginning of atlas mountain. kiyoko was so shocked...there was water, gas&electricity...and they even had satelight tv...yu is so sure there is very simple life still exist on top of the mountain as same as 10years ago...however, welcome to 21st century!!

location: marrakech/マラケシュ。