yu ♥ curry!

yu was loyal customer for "tayyabs" legendary curry house in east london for long time. it was good food and really reasonable. however after appearing on so many publications, they increased the price and even worse...got so busy...especially as it is very close to city, they've got more of "those kind of people" there. at least 45 mins wait for getting seated...but ex-manager at tayyabs who worked there for ages opened new restaurant on the corner. "needoo" on new road served similar menu to tayyabs but yu found they are even fresher! seek kebab taste nicer and so as all curry dishes. their style of curry are very oily so you have to be prepared for that. and spice, too...very strong...here is tip...if you don't want nightmare situation, drink "lassi" before you eat. they do serve nice mango lassi. anyway, yu moved on to "needoo" now. and he loves it!!

87 new road
e1 1hh
020 7247 0648

location: london/ロンドン