yu ♥ real adventure! morocco day4-3

Despite kiyoko’s upset, we continued trip to water fall which is even further up to the mountain. 1hour drive from berber house, yu&friends arrived at the beginning of waterfall. After we got off from car, driver introduce us “a guide” , early 20s berber boy. here came annoying time to negotiate the “price”. He asked for 300dh which was about £25 for 1&half hours. Alex answer ‘no! 20dh’ which is his favourite words. He started from 20dh for anything. Then guide said 250dh. Then alex told him…”look! People in London works for £5 per hour. You try to make my daily wage in an hour” and he added “let's swap I guide you and you pay me”. Yu thought about paying him 150dh. But alex was making sense…yu joined him...we are not going pay no more than 100dh…”done” however he was so nervous…he kept saying he had to ask driver…perhaps he had to pay our driver a commission…poor guy…anyway we started tour. We didn’t expect it would be real adventure. we thought it will be just walk to normal pavement to waterfall. so not necessary to get guide. after across the river with simple made bridge, we had to walk up the quite rough way like proper trekking...first small water fall appeared after 10 mins walking. but this fall doesn't count one of the 7 water falls continue towards top of the mountain. here was the start...we continued walking...sometimes we had to climb up...then we found quite big waterfall in front of us!! after few minutes stay, we decided to go back down as we seriously had to climb up if we wanted to continue. then guide suggested different way to get back with great view. so we followed him. however there was one point we had to "rock climb" just next waterfall...there was a guy helping people to clime the rick...obviously you have to pay...so guide pushed us and this guide pulled up on to the rock. "now easier" guide said...yes it was ok...however there were great views spread!! berber guide showed us how to write "berber". it was like alien language with circles&triangles. even he only can write as school doesn't teach them. end of the adventure little service for ellen from guide, he carried her and running down the hill!! it looked pretty fun! his 65yo granma still carries 50kg stuff on her shoulder. berber women are strong. finally we got back to where we started...it took nearly 2hours and we only paid 100dh...not bad! now time for lunch! there was nothting but touristy cafes...we ordered tagines&grills...actually, my "lemon&chicken tagine" wasn't bad and kiyoko's "tagine berber", either. anyway, it was great fun! we often stucked in the city when we go to travel. but nice to go to little adventure!!

location: marrakech/マラケシュ