yu ♥ forgotten city! morocco day5-2

today yu&friends were traveling to south. as we tried to get forgotten city&oasis city of quarzazate, we had to leave hotel at 6:30am. to get there, we needed to go thru mountains of atlas which is pretty long way...we were expecting 4&half hours to be at forgotten city. 1hour drive from marrakech our car started to climb up mountain...atlas mountains have so many different faces as each mountains were formed by different kind of muds. some of them are green-ish colour, some are red, some are grey and brown...etc, sometimes covered by trees...it seemed this street was one of the main road to south...even very hard and curvy mountain road, there are many villages exist along side of river. atlas mountains are so beautiful!! yu is not nature person but he was so exited just looking at them. after 3&half hours drive we pasted mountain...area became more sandy...we were getting close to desert...and suddenly we found local market, only market around this area and open weds...we stopped. they sell mainly daily stuff...tea-pot, dishes, some made in chinese clothes and meat...even freshly prepared "there" chickens. it didn't seem there was nothing to buy...we continued trip...half hour drive from market forgotten city "ksar of ait-ben-haddou" suddenly appeared from behind of hills. it was amazing view...driver stopped at car park and we started to walk to the city. to get to there we have to across shallow river with no bridge. city looked really great from outside!! but inside was full of souvenir shops...it is supposed to be UNESCO world heritage listed...buildings are so beautiful but yu was so disappointed about those people tried to sell rubbishy souvenirs in the great heritage. however view from top of the hill was brilliant! on the way down tour guide from other party spoke to kiyoko. we thought she found new love! finally party returned to car park. now time to head to even more south. another 1hour drive we got to oasis city of , gate to the dessert. we stopped at , palace for the last sultan for atlas. and we found this city was famous for "films". there was a big film studio there and many movies such as star wars, babel, gladiator...etc were filmed in desert outside of ...there was abounded film set. now we were ready to get back to marrakech...still had more than 5hours drive!!

location: marrakech/マラケシュ