yu ♥ country club! morocco day3-2

after last night event, released artist giles round&andres ros organized spa trip at "beldi" country club 20mins drive from central marrakech. it was in middle of nowhere but once got in the gate, it was paradise...beautiful flower garden was spreading. after walking thru green walls, modern swimming pool&outside restaurant appeared where you can sunbath&have lovely lunch. yu&friends kept the best position by the swimming pool and explored more facilities in the club before lunch. spa which provides treatments such as "hammas"&massage was located next to the garden. girls made reservation on hammas&massage, yu&giles decided to have just hammas at 3pm. party returned to swimming pool, it was time to EAT before sps! lunch is 3 course set menu. if you have lunch&use swimming pool, it gets better price. anyway, yu ordered celeriac salad for starter and tagine for main, again! this time, beef&fig!! others had courgette&goat cheese soup and tomato salad with basil pesto, also lamb or chicken brochette and tagine. lamb was unbelievably tender! dessert was followed, yu's choice was tart tartin with caramel ice cream. after lunch we had to rush to spa, no time for swimming...first time ever, yu's spa was hammas. yu&giles were escorted into large steam after we had to change to nappy looking underwear. and a cubby guy spread some sort of oil all over our bodies. after 10-15 mins, chubby came back in&started scrub us. after scrub we were supplied mud on our skin. you can pick mud of your choice, such as relaxing, tanning, skinny...etc. then, we decided to visit hotel&shops quickly before car arrived to pick us up. recently completed hotel area is just amazing...palace looking dining area is stunning. and one of their shops sells pottery made studio attached to the shop, and the other stock variety of fabric items. yu bought afew potteries for parents, shopping again! it was absolutely amazing experience. love the spa, the food and entire country club!!

location: marrakech/マラケシュ