yu ♥ pizza east!

it seems pizza is very popular on the corner of shoreditch. 2 pizza places opened nearby. famous "shoreditch house" pizza is available for non-members now. soho house group opened "pizza east" in tea building next door to shoreditch house. yu had lovely eat-out with tv ads director, jake&ryoko and parsnips' intern yuichi. we ordered "mackerel escabenche, lentils", "soft polenta, chicken livers, salsa rosa calabrese"and baby gem, guanciale, hazelnuts, figs, gorgonzola dressing" as starter. mackerel was beautifully cooked however chicken liver was spicy but not much seasoning...we enjoyed all pizzas, "spicy sausage, mozzarella, sprouting broccoli, garlic", "clams, tomato, oregano, garlic, chili flakes, pecorino" and "duck sausage, artichoke, parmesan, boschetto al tartufo". we were really greedy...ordered 4 dessert after big meal..."salted chocolate caramel tart"...it was too heavy after all meal..."hot cinnamon sugar doughnuts, valrhona chocolate" was light and nice as doughnuts was like choux pastry. "fig cornmeal cake" was big but lighter than it looked. and "selection of gelato" was really refreshing especially loved brown sugar. there was a silly waiter...we asked if they have better knife for pizza as it was normal knife and impossible to cut pizza...and he said 'this is my first day. i don't speak english much"...they cannot employ somebody can't speak english...anyway, there was sardinian pizza take-away "der sardi" opened at former site of "bang" as well.

pizza east
tea building
56 shoreditch high street
e1 6jj
020 7729 1888

location: london/ロンドン