yu ♥ dayleysford!

after snap for japanese magazine in portbello, yu joined asako mahara, art dealer, for tea at "dayleysford organic" on westbourne grove. this branch opened last year and it is one of the most popular spot in the area. yu had "earl grey with elderflower tea| and "chocolate brownie". brownie is as same as yu always buys at shop to walk'n'eat but presented beautifully with organic ice cream and choc caramel deco. yu just love combination of deep cacao flavour, walnut&whitechoc!! and under our table asako's dog "speech" was begging me for piece of my loving brownie...'i don't think so!!'

dayleysford organic
208-212 westbourne grove
w11 2rh
020 7313 8050

location: london/ロンドン