yu ♥ market food! morocco day5-3

after long trip we decided to eat at the food market which opens at place jamaa el fnna only at night. it is very pretty view. local version of place de concorde kinda beautiful lights. however inside...everyone is very forceful&tried to get customer too hard just like market&small shops...they speaks any kind of languages and use their knowledge of countries as much as possible. in fact they do know all gags from japanese comedian, even too new for yu to know,&from funny to nasty words...quite impressive and yu really thinks if they should use research ability for something else, they ccould make more money...anyway, they are aggressive...everyone think it is ok but we don't need rude words in our language from them...but there was cool one! our friend susie who lived in morocco recommend us "next to 81". actually it was "no.72"! they'd never tried too hard. guess they don't have to...they have loyal customers. menu was very simple 2 kind of pea stews&chicken stew. peas are 6dh, £0.50, and chicken is 15dh, £1.25, ONLY!! and bread is 1dh...all yu's vege lover companions enjoyed pea stew but yu prefer chicken. all dish was great!! still hungry yu masui continued to explore food stalls and found escargo. it was simply boiled. but they seemed boiled alive as all of their body were out...not like french style...quite scary...obviously anyone except yu didn't eat...it was very earth taste...not something yu wants to eat again...

location: marrakech/マラケシュ